Kewyt® automatically reschedules your tasks, until you finish the one you are working on. Try it free for 30 days!

Imagine what it would be like to know exactly when you will end your personal and professional tasks...

And imagine instantly knowing the impact that the delay or early start of a task would have on your other tasks...

This is possible now with the Kewyt® platform

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Kewyt® is a based cloud platform that syncs across devices

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Your new personal productivity executive assistant

Six Reasons You'll Love Kewyt®

Kewyt® optimizes your time


Eliminate planning your tasks manually. Simply define your priorities and let Kewyt® customize and suggest your schedule. Never again risk completion of your priority items because of less important tasks. Your individualized priority ratings will automatically move lower priority tasks and provide a realistic assessment of your availability.


Dynamic and Fluid

If you are not satisfied, just alter the order of the tasks (in the schedule or in the table of priorities) and Kewyt® will reschedule automatically all the other tasks that are pending.

Schedule change


If you have finished your professional tasks early, give more time to your personal schedule with only one click! If Kewyt® indicates that you will not finish the job tasks on time, give more time to your professional schedule that day also with only one click.

Realistic Time Budgeting


Kewyt® determines what is feasible and realistic based on your priorities. Reduce pressure, overbooking and procrastination by letting Kewyt® schedule your valuable time.

Insert tasks at fixed times

Fixed-time tasks

Define your daily, weekly or monthly tasks and let Kewyt® find the optimal time for you to get them done! Do not let the un-planned events and interruptions derail your productivity. Moreover, you can export your task list to an Excel sheet.

Integrated stopwatch


With little effort you will know exactly how your time is spent. You will be assured it is aligned with your priorities, reducing distractions and easily tracking your time. While you do not start a task (this situation being indicated by clicking on play), all other tasks will automatically be put forward. Intelligent and intuitive, Kewyt® reschedules your day.


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